Nerf Modded Stampede ECS Saturday, Jun 18 2011 

  Modded Nerf Stampede

This is my second Modded Nerf Gun that I did on the Nerf Stampede ECS.  I had nothing else to do and decided  to mod one of the Nerf guns I had lying around.  I put a custom paint job on it with grey  digital camo.  The 18  dart clip  has been left black to go with the bipod.  The guns air restrictors have been removed so that the gun  can shoot  much farther.  The gun also has an increased firing  power from the batteries making it shoot faster.  The jam door can now open freely when the gun is shooting.  I also have a stock Stampede that I am thinking  about modding so leave a comment saying some cool mods and paint jobs I should put on it.  The picture of the stock Stampede is underneath so tell me what you think I should do with it.


Nerf Bolt-Action Rifle Friday, Jun 17 2011 

Nerf Bolt-Action Rifle

Nerf Bolt-Action Rifle

This is my very first nerf gun mod on the  Nerf LongStrike.  I like to spend my time in the shop taking apart and modifying just about everything, but lately it has been Nerf Guns.  I was inspired to do this mod from seeing the Intervention from Modern Warfare 2.  This gun has been modified into a bolt-action rifle to look like the Intervention.  The air restricter has been completely removed and .  The cocking handle has been moved to the back of the gun and  the rifle is has a custom paint job with black digital camo, an ACOG scope, and an extended barrel.  The jam door has been removed and the stock of the gun is removable.  It has three dart magazines, one tan to match the gun and the other two are black.